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What People Are Saying About the Black History 101 Mobile Museum

Dr. el-Hakim’s life’s work is an amazing archive of Black history artifacts that culminates in a one-of-a-kind Museum exhibit. The experience engages students and asks them to make meaning from the primary sources and then to inquire, dig deeper, and to make connections. The students take that made-meaning and examine the broader historical contexts and patterns, past and present. Dr. el-Hakim takes the historical thinking skills, that we want every student to possess, and has the students utilizing these skills in meaningful, relevant, and thought-provoking source analysis, dialogue, and questioning through a deep and rich timeline of Black history. To participate in the Black History 101 Mobile Museum exhibit, and to learn from Dr. el-Hakim, is one of the most impactful and educational opportunities I have had the great fortune to experience—and, it is an experience I will continue to share with educators and students. I am so thankful, and grateful, for the support of the Columbia Public Schools Foundation in making this experience a possibility for CPS students and teachers. 
Lindsey Troutman, Coordinator (Language Arts 9-12 and Social Studies K-12), 
Columbia Public Schools, Columbia, MO


Khalid is our foremost archivist of the culture.  
Chuck D 
Public Enemy

The Black History 101 Mobile Museum is the only exhibit of its kind that I’m aware of that combines authentic Black history with current relevant social justice issues of today.  There is no other museum that educates in such a unique way that challenges, intrigues and expands the minds of all who have an opportunity to walk through it.  In consideration of our current racial climate, this exhibit is not only timely, but a must see on every college campus.  From Jim Crow to the genius of the Hip Hop Movement, the experience is always eye opening and relevant and I try to take advantage of every opportunity to bring the exhibit back to our campus in order to educate our students on what is real as it relates to American history.

Dr. Matthew C. Chaney

Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Ferris State University

I was fortunate enough to experience Dr El-Hakim’s Black History 101 Mobile Museum a number of times as a classroom teacher. The education I (& my students!) received that day each year was immeasurable. Today more than ever, this book and his efforts are essential.

Lori Eidelman Langenderfer

Plymouth-Canton Public Schools


The Black History 101 Mobile Museum came to Clark College and we cannot say enough positive things about that experience.  The artifacts were interesting and thought-provoking. Khalid was knowledgeable and was able to educate those that came to the exhibit. We were able to have meaningful dialogue after the exhibit to discuss the effects of power, privilege and inequities through this historical context.  It made people uncomfortable, but we should always expect discomfort when discussing such a heavy subject. Thanks to Khalid, Professor Griff and the entire BH 101 Mobile Museum crew! 

Rashida Willard 
Director, Operations and Risk Management
Clark College


The Black History 101 Mobile Museum was the first ever exhibit of its kind displayed at the University of Arkansas. With a collection of real artifacts spanning African & African American history from before Trans-Atlantic slavery through the modern day, this exhibit was a powerful learning experience for the campus and NWA community. The Visionairi Foundation was honored to partner with Khalid/Last Poets, the University of Arkansas & NWA corporate partners to kick off the 2018 Black History Month celebrations.
Airic Hughes
CEO & Founder
Visionairi Enterprises 

Dr. Khalid el-Hakim has been called the Arturo Schomburg of our generation, for his deliberate, diligent and meticulous gleaning of the past. Through the Black History 101 Mobile Museum, Khalid has brought to life the history of a resilient people, and thus vividly narrates American history through artifacts, through the senses. The only parallel granted the power and awe of the museum is Khalid's stirring and eloquent lecture which gives voice and adds a layer of context and dimension to the artifacts in the exhibit.
Dr. Derrick Jenkins
Cincinnati State College


The exhibit allows students to interact with history in a way that can’t easily be done in regular classrooms or lectures – they connect with the objects, and begin to link the pieces to their own experiences.  They become part of the story and begin to see themselves as part of a broader historical context.  We have been able to facilitate conversations around positionality (where and how we find ourselves in historical context), resistance, identity and curriculum development on our campus that have directly tied to our community’s experience with the Black History 101 Mobile Museum.
Natalia Carvalho-Pinto
Director, Intercultural Student Life
Kalamazoo College


Khalid breaths life into history with his exhibits and storytelling.  His mastery of the historical timeline and ability to connect with audiences makes him ideal for students, faculty, staff and administrators. I have booked him at every institution I've worked for in the past decade.
Lasana O. Hotep
Dean, Student Equity and Support Programs
Skyline College


Khalid is truly one of the most thought-provoking and innovative educators out there.  I've had the opportunity to bring Khalid and the Black History Mobile Museum (BHMM101) to our campus a number of times and it's been extremely impactful.  He has an incredible gift at using artifacts to connect with and engage students about our past and how that past informs our future.   
Luke Givens
Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs & Intercultural Center
University of North Carolina Asheville


This is the official Hip Hop museum! It's inspirational!
Hip Hop icon


What I love about your museum is that it's accessible.  You don't have to go to it, it comes to you!  
Jessica Care Moore
Black Women Rock!

We as African people in struggle too often have had short-term memories as a way to anestisize our pain, but the Black History 101 Mobile Museum wakes us from our slumber to heal our wounds.
Bruce George,
Def Poetry Jam
The scripture teaches us that we are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge. This is the right time to put the mobile museum in its historical and cultural place so we might save our future to ensure we are not destroyed.
Professor Griff
Minister of Information
Public Enemy
This museum is like a cruise through the time continuum. You can't help from smiling and crying at same time witnessing the richness of the Black experience.
Brother J
Khalid is the Schomburg of the hip hop generation.
Omari King Wise
Your exhibit has continually enriched, enhanced and enlightened our program attendees with an extraordinary display of Black historical artifacts. I am deeply grateful and thank you again for your generosity.
Barbara Rose Collins
Former Congresswoman
Former Detroit City Councilwoman
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